..that all those leftovers you got at home were fast to upload and easy to sell. Imagine if swiping unique secondhand, bidding on auctions and having full return made it fun to buy and safe to trade. What if we could enter our wardrobe from everywhere – even follow, like and comment on friends and influencers' cool styles and outfits, and women easily borrow from each other. That’s just how we’re imagining FlowRobe – the digital and social wardrobe!

Let's face it

It’s 2021 – and sustainability, fashion and e-trading trend like never before. However, only about 1 out of 20 in the Western world trade secondhand online because currently it’s too hard and time-consuming. This is an issue for our kids and grandkids when the consumption of just a single t-shirt pollutes like two hours of hot shower and 8 kilo conventional meat. We have come to change that pushing for a more sustainable fashion industry.

Our Solution

The app is everything that young people, modern mothers, you and I didn’t know we needed. Swipe cool secondhand, upload clothes in uno momento with the background auto-removed, give leftovers new life in 24 hours or make deals on auctions, get full return, enter your wardrobe from everywhere, like and follow friends and influencers, see more of what you like, base prices on data, check your green footprint, let Florian and Roberta inspire you on the green journey and more.

Get your digital & social wardrobe!